7 Beauty Tweaks Every Guy Will Love


Sure, you look all dolled up for your lunch date with the potential The One. But know what actually turns a man on, which can be the difference between a sweetheart and a sexy bodycon dress, or nude or fiery red lips. So let us give you a glimpse of what men find attractive on dates (according to relationship experts), and how you can pull it off effortlessly and without a hitch. 

  1. Go red in your dress, not on your lips. Wear the color of confidence, romance, and passion through that well-fitting dress or V-neck blouse, not through lipstick.  It will stimulate your date visually and mentally and get him raring for more. If you don’t have red date clothes, perhaps that lovely pair of red pumps will do? 
  2. Take it easy with your makeup. Smoky eyes definitely deserve all the good press they get, but just because you could means you should. There are men who didn’t find their dates more attractive with heavy makeup, and in fact favor a lighter palette. Even out your complexion with a light foundation and have one quick swipe of that lip gloss for that natural look. It won’t hurt to have long, thick, alluring lashes as well! 
  3. Let your hair down. We mean this quite literally: go for that soft, long, natural hairstyle that won’t make the guy struggle through a ponytail or bobby pins when wanting to caress your locks. 
  4. Choose classic over trendy. It’s tempting to subscribe to the newest trends in clothing, shoes, and accessorizing, but be  guided by that sensible voice that tells you it’s best to wear a nice white top, fitting jeans, and comfy, pretty shoes during the date. 
  5. Leave a bit to the imagination. It may be so tempting to take a page out of the Show Some Skin book, but remember to not show everything off. Show some leg or your nice midriff, but choose if you’re going to be revealing on top or down below – not both! 
  6. Adopt the boyfriend style. Simplicity counts a lot, and you can take it up a notch by “stealing” the guy’s look. Accentuate your attire with a cute boyfriend jacket or oversized boyfriend watch – this is as simple and uncomplicated as it can get. 
  7. Don’t worry about your lingerie for now. The first few dates are likely not the best time to fuss over wearing that sex-ready lingerie. Relax, be the version of yourself, and see where things lead for you and your date. 

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